BHARCS is an international canine behaviour education academy based on the philosophies of Turid Rugaas. They are revolutionizing the world of canine behaviour education through their trailblazing approach to the way we see dogs.

The school’s education is deeply rooted in empathy and compassion as a way to understand dog behaviour and affect change where required. They’re one of the most interesting brands we’ve ever worked with.


Learn to learn from dogs

kaunvo came on board as an extended in-house marketing team at BHARCS. The existing website at the time was unstructured and cluttered. On digging deeper, we felt the site needed a facelift that went beyond just looks.

But BHARCS isn’t just any dog school and we took on the challenge to design and develop a website that adhered to the brand’s unique ideology while still addressing sales.


Enter the world of canine education

BHARCS never had a problem with subject matter expertise. Their big challenge was strategizing, creating, packaging, and distributing content via social media. We loved their ideas and felt that educational content with the never-wavering theme of empathy was the way to meet our social goals.

Our primary focus was Instagram, but the discovery process showed us that the brand’s target audience was more active on Facebook. This led us to increase our focus on their Facebook page and YouTube channel in the social media strategy (Hello YouTube Shorts and Instagram reels!)

We created video content for them, designed and produced newsletters, and edited blogs as part of their content team.

Work Samples