Doggiliciouus offers canine-nutritionist-designed fresh and customized meals, nutritional consultations, and wellness products for dogs. They’re constantly researching, learning, and innovating their recipes based on the latest in science. All are made with human-grade ingredients that are slow-cooked with love. As parents of two rescued dogs, we love what they stand for and the top-notch quality they bring to our companions.


Saving Good Dogs from Bad Dog Food

From Wix to a custom webstore

The brand wanted to revamp their e-commerce website to help optimize their operations in real time.
So we migrated the site from Wix to a custom implementation of WooCommerce, while also tweaking the visual identity of the website to a clean and minimalist brand design across all touchpoints. The brand’s growing needs of modifying its offering and increasing its product menu needed a scalable modular and flexible platform like Woo Commerce.

Custom made features

In order to accomplish brand-specific requirements we set up custom solutions like multiple stores for products & consultations. To cope with the competitive style of the dog food market, we brought in relevant features like distance-based and optimized shipping rates.

Performance Marketing

Within performance marketing, we were able to scale up their ROAS to 4X in a matter of 6 months.


Wellness for dogs, through nutrition and fresh food


Apart from being well-researched and backed by credible sources, blogs for Doggiliciouus had to be easy to read, and authentic to its brand identity and language.


The primary goal of the social strategy was to assist sales and shape brand awareness. They wanted to be approachable to pet parents while reiterating their expertise. The content plan was heavily educational with “unpopular” subjects that needed to be broached with sensitivity and backed by credible research.

Video Content

We incorporated video content in the social strategy while considering the limitations of the startup’s resources. We devised guerilla filmmaking techniques like using high-end phones for audio and video, batch content creation, and remote direction using the client’s resources.