Indigrow Kids

Indigrow Kids creates multicultural books, games and songs
for young kids. They help you rediscover the magical
universe of different cultures with your little ones.

Created by moms and educators, Indigrow is powered by
play and backed by science.


Elevating content consumption experience on Shopify

Could e-commerce feature rich Shopify offer the capability of a content platform?

Indigrow’s educational content had received a warm response from parents and kids alike. They had digital content on social
media platforms. Their offline content (like books) was already on Shopify – they wanted to add an experience of digital
content consumption on the site with a subscription based paywall.

What was missing was a cohesive solution that could elevate the experience of engaging with their educational content, as
opposed to just buying multimedia individually.


Using Shopify to build an effortless, inituitive user experience

We worked around the existing architecture using Shopify’s pages, products, templates and permissions. The goal was for parents and kids to have a fun experience while nurturing identity and celebrating differences in the process.

With the new changes in the Shopify architecture and API, creating user friendly portals became feasible using metafields and Shopify’s Liquid.

Indigrow is targeted towards kids and their parents in a way that brings them closer. And that’s why it was crucial that we create an effortless, intuitive user experience on the site. So we focused on using kid-friendly cues and a visual based navigation throughout this online space.

We built a solid foundation for Indigrow’s future LMS for digital learning as well.

Work Samples