Inclusiveya Greenfield Spaces is a sprawling 3200 acres+ industrial space based in Bengaluru, known for its cutting edge business archicture and eco-centric innovation.

Smooth web dev+design

Sophisticated visual design

Inclusiveya sought a seamless user interface and experience that mirrored the sophistication of their architectural designs.

Their vision was for a website that exuded luxury, providing both a wealth of information and effortless usability.

We achieved this by employing a refined color palette of orange, black, and white, and incorporating subtle micro-interactions to enhance the premium aesthetic and user engagement.”

Text and visual imagery

Quality content from limited source material

We also had the pleasure of working on Inclusiveya’s website content, in addition to handling the development and design.

The visuals and written content of the site are concise yet very easy to understand, perfectly aligning with the design concept.

Given the limited source material provided due to their early-stage status, we took this as an opportunity to expand, rewrite, source, and edit the content to seamlessly integrate with the entire website.