Ollie is a Singapore-based retail brand that helps you better harness the power of essential oils through home, lifestyle, and aromatherapy products. Farm to bottle, its mission is to get you affordable and sustainable choices that you can use daily – no drama. No fuss. No frou-frou. Just pure essential oils.

Ollie is passionate about what they do and their product range is top-notch and smells absolutely divine. Try them out when you can, thank us later!


Flexible, scalable e-com

Ollie wanted a technology that could keep up with their growth. They wanted to revamp the website to match their brand identity while moving away from the limiting and rigid ecosystem of Wix. Something that was a flexible, scalable option that could mirror the well-loved visuals of the brand.

Right off the bat, we felt that a self-hosted e-commerce website would lay the foundation for where Ollie was headed.

Woocommerce felt right. It would give them the ability to use WordPress as a boilerplate and accomplish custom development. The solution would easily transform into a docker on AWS, as they scale across multiple countries.

Ollie was very particular about migrating the existing e-commerce data to the new portal with security and efficiency.

Animated UI = Fascinating UX

Ollie was very particular about migrating the existing e-commerce data to the new portal with security and efficiency. 

To match their strong visual identity, we deployed custom development to add in animated UI for a fascinating UX. 

The result was a smooth, quick and secure migration and a website as fresh as a daisy!


Consistent presence

Ollie’s inconsistent social was a result of growing pains. For a small business that’s taken off in a big way, they needed us to jump in and take the reigns like an extended team (our favorite way to be!)

Nurturing IG community

Because their primary audience was on Instagram, it was our primary focus.

We continued to maintain a presence on Facebook as well. Our main goals were to keep in touch with the community in Singapore and beyond and engage and educate them while working on organic growth.

We’ve created video content for them, designed and produced newsletters, and edited blogs as part of their content team.