How to take your business online in simple steps

Moving from traditional marketing to modern marketing: Everything you need to know 

One out of three marketers out there will tell you to make this shift. It’s not “scientific data” but you get the gist.

Transitioning from traditional marketing to modern marketing can be daunting to many. It’s confusing – what does it even mean? where should I begin? Is it expensive? 

If you read this and think “this is me”, this blog should help clear some doubts.

Traditional Marketing versus Modern Marketing

You do traditional marketing through physical print ads, billboards, or television advertisements. This type of marketing relies on placing ads where their audience will see and hear them. 

Think ads that are so in your face you can’t ignore them. 

Unfortunately, this alone doesn’t work as well anymore.

Modern marketing relies on things like Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing among others. 

But, it isn’t what modern marketing does than how it does it, that is crucial. Think collaboration, think a more customer-centric mindset.

Why should I make this transition?

To get with the times. After all, shouldn’t you be where your consumers are? 

No, it’s not just about being up to date. Modern marketing increases leads and provides you with an opportunity to nurture them. For example, according to Oktopost, LinkedIn generates 80 percent of B2B leads through social media. 

It gives you a gazillion worth of data so you know exactly where you need to try harder. This data also shows you how you can plan your campaign to reap the most rewards.

Social media is also a great place to get instant feedback and referrals. If you added value to your consumer’s life, they WILL talk about it. 

Especially with COVID 19 in the picture and most of us on our gadgets all day, it makes SO much sense to start making this shift. 

The fact that people watch 500 million hours of videos daily and 85 percent of them are likely to buy stuff they look at is pretty convincing too.

You’re losing out on a lot of consumers if you stick to the old way of doing things. For every $1 spent on Google Ads, you could make an average of $2 in revenue.

Okay, then how we make it happen?

It isn’t complex to market in a modern way but it does need you to have an open mind. 

These are some basic things that can help you transform your brand in a big way. 


The first thing to remember is being transparent with your customers. 

You probably shouldn’t call it “The Most Recommend Toothpaste Brand By Dentists” anymore because the comment section will tell you if you really are. 

Or aren’t. Ouch.

Instead, talk about the actual value your product provides. Your business is solving a problem, talk about that. How do you make your consumer’s life better? 

Do not exaggerate and try to over-sell. No one likes being sold to. 

Two-way communication

Listen to your consumers. If they want to talk about something, address it. 

It could be a terrible review about your service – don’t attack them or worse, ignore them. 

You could win more by just talking about the issue. You are, after all, there to solve a problem.

Choice Choices Choices!

Modern consumers are spoilt for choice. No matter the content platform, they have so many channels to choose from. They can get away from you in a matter of a click. 

So make sure you say something beneficial. Remember to add value, engage, and talk to them without selling hard.  

Customer Satisfaction

Are the people who have already brought your products happy with it? If not, fix that first. If you don’t, one unsatisfied customer will cost your business a lot. 

No matter how much you say that your product is life-changing, 

potential customers are more likely to check out what existing customers think. 

Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest factors in successful Modern Marketing.

Interruptive vs Native

Any fans of blaring ads in the middle of a movie? No takers? Thought so. 

This Interruptive approach to online marketing often ruins things for your brand.

Although it is “modern” in a sense, it burns you into your customer’s mind as annoying. 

For me, it’s this constant Youtube ad of a makeup store whose jingle only induces instant cringe. Not because I hate the ad itself, but because it keeps getting in the way.

Native ads blend in with the platform. They either entertain or educate. They add value in some or other way. 

Even though it’s an ad, I don’t feel like I’m being sold to. It’s subtle.

But is it expensive? 

Not abnormally, no. In fact, they are cheaper than traditional methods. 

Modern Marketing requires online ads that cost less thanks to their low maintenance.

They can be tailor-made to suit your budget and your needs. The scalability of it is limitless. 

Transitioning from traditional marketing to modern marketing can be quite the change but it’s totally worth the pivot. If you’re looking to grow, this is a great place to start. 

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